Master of Science in

Computer Science

This program is designed to produce graduates with specialized knowledge in Computer Science. Therefore the master’s program in Advanced Computer Sciences cover the major topics in Computer Science. The course work is the right mix of theoretical and practical work aimed at providing its graduates the necessary skills in Computer Sciences to excel in their professional lives. It is our mission that the department serve a wide stream of students, which will undoubtedly be arriving with varying backgrounds and objectives. For this reason, the program proposed herein has been stretched out to cover most of the important areas of computer science including Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Database Systems, Advanced Algorithms, Programming Languages, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence and Research Methodologies.



BS (CS) 4-years Degree Program (Minimum 130 credit hours) from a HEC Recognized University / Institute. Computer Science 2-years Degree Program (MCS / M.Sc. (CS) / M.Sc. IT) from a HEC recognized University / Institute. 16-years Engineering graduates (Minimum 130 credit hours) from a HEC Recognized University / Institute. Minimum of 2.5/4.00 CGPA. In case of percentage system, minimum 60% aggregate. All Students must have passed NTS General Assessment Test (GAT) at the time of Application.

Why this


The successful graduates have the option of serving in industry as well as joining academia. While in academia they can transfer their knowledge to youngsters and continue their studies towards a PhD degree. They can also become a useful resource for industry as software engineers, database administrators and designers, e-commerce specialists, network specialists, and software project managers.