M Phil in

Management Sciences

The Master of Philosophy (M. Phil) program has been designed to ensure that students develop strong research and analytical skills, that would help them, not only carry future research but also think critically. The first year of the M. Phil program introduces students to the key concepts in management research, research methods, business history and strategic development. Focus in the second year is on the student carrying out supervised research in their area of interest. The objective is to develop research and analytical skills in students that will help them in conducting independent research in different areas.



MBA / MS degree in business administration or management sciences or marketing / management / quality management / Statistics / Mathematics or economics, from a chartered university with a minimum of 1st division or 3.0 CGPA

Why this


M. Phil graduates usually pursue academic career and go on for PhD in their area of interest. There are opportunities in the corporate sector for the graduates, and recent industry trends show that organizations are now interested in hiring M. Phil graduates and personnel with higher qualifications.