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Department of Electrical Engineering Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The PEOs have been formulated in line with mission of the Department. They are formulated by using the feedback from stakeholders. There are five PEOs of the Electrical Engineering program and are available at its website (http://ee.uol.edu.pk/about-us/mission-statement). In addition, these are also displayed at prominent places and are published in the student’s handbook. These PEOs will also be published in the UOL prospectus to be printed in June 2019.

PEO-1:Graduates should have effectiveness to demonstrate solid engineering knowledge through analysis, synthesis, design and entrepreneurial skills for qualifying them to get immediate employment or postgraduate studies.

PEO-2:Graduates should effectively exhibit professionalism, leadership quality and teamwork through communication skills in multidisciplinary engineering environment.

PEO-3:Graduates should make contributions to knowledge and establish best engineering practice through research and development, as to assume positions of technical and/or managerial leadership as their careers develop.

PEO-4:Graduates should express an ethical commitment to the community and the profession through involvement with professional organizations and society.

PEO-5:Graduates should engage in lifelong learning that will enable them to continue their professional development either through advanced course work or continuing self-directed learning and development activities.