BS in

Software Engineering

The University of Lahore has the vision to Advance the technologies, expertise, and skills of its student and equipped them with creative brilliance &state-of-the-art research.  To make our graduates well equipped with the new and advanced technologies we have three core values:
•    State-of-the-Art Research – advancing the science and practice.
•    Collaboration & Co-operation – bringing together the theoretical and practical work found in IT industry.
•    Development and Demonstration – Developing new creative and innovative ideas and presenting their utility through trial application and prototypes.



Intermediate, FA / FSC / ICS / I.Com, A-Levels, DAE or equivalent (Minimum 50% Marks). Candidates having non mathematics background in HSSC or equivalent examination must study a 3 credit hours deficiency mathematics course in the first semester. the credit hours of the deficiency mathematics course will not be counted towards the degree completion.

Why this


The objective of the curriculum is to prepare students for professional careers and graduate studies with a balance between computing theory and practical application of software engineering concepts, methodologies, tools and technologies in the modern software development environments.
•    The mission of BS Software Engineering program is to produce theoretical concepts and practical work to strengthen foundation, which enables graduate to apply these concepts to provide computer based solutions for problems.
•    Employ sound principles and practices to engineer embedded software systems for aerospace, aviation, and related fields.
•    The ability to identify and use appropriate software engineering methodologies and tools to model, simulate, and test their design for large scale software systems.
•    Have strong communication and interpersonal skills.
•    Be capable of independent learning.
•    Have knowledge of economics, humanities and social sciences.