Bachelor of Science in

Electrical Engineering

The undergraduate Electrical Engineering program is based on solid foundation in Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Computer programming to ensure successful completion of the program and to equip the students with future professional growth, rational reasoning and analysis. The program provides a broad engineering core competence which enables students to communicate & interact effectively with engineers in different areas of specialization & to make technological decisions with confidence. On successful completion the student possess the ability to perform integrated problems solving ability, problem identification, analysis, hypothesis testing, solution verification, and its implementation.


Requirements (Math, Physics and Chemistry),OR Equivalent DAE Telecom/Communication, DAE Instrumentation, DAE Electronics,DAE Electrical with Minimum 60%, Entrance Test

Why this


Electrical engineers are in demand with employers within the Pakistan and overseas. Within Electrical Engineering the main employment areas include electrical power generation supply and distribution, power systems, installation and design of electrical machinery and communication / mobile companies.