Bachelor of Science in

Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is the first professional degree aimed at producing undergraduates for the job market as Software Engineers, IT Administrators, entrepreneurs, academic professionals and the like. This program is tailored to introduce, prepare, develop and ingrain the understanding and discipline of computing in students. We offer market oriented courses (as indicated in the program course description) to achieve the objective of producing highly talented computer professionals. Our program inculcates in the students problem-solving abilities for industrial and government sectors. It enables students to analyses real life problems and transform them into a suitable abstract model, design an optimal algorithm and successfully implement them on the computer.



Intermediate, FA / FSC / ICS / I.Com, A-Levels, DAE or equivalent (Minimum 50% Marks). Candidates having non mathematics background in HSSC or equivalent examination must study a 3 credit hours deficiency mathematics course in the first semester. the credit hours of the deficiency mathematics course will not be counted towards the degree completion.

Why this


1. Software Engineers
2. Database Designers
3. Database Administrators
4. Web Developers
5. Network Administrators
6. Software Quality Insurance and Testers
7. IT Consultants
and computer professional role in entertainment industry in various government or private organizations.