Bachelor of

Business Administration

The Bachelors of Business Administration is designed to give students a general business degree with the option of specialization in the chosen area of interest. Year one will introduce students to the fundamental management principles and how these are applied in a working environment. Year two will introduce students to marketing, hrm and finance principles. With year three and four focusing on specialization, and more advanced courses in management, marketing, finance and enterprise. Specialization options currently include Finance, Marketing & Human Resource. You will have an opportunity to deepen you understanding of business ventures in the Entrepreneurship course, which introduces setting up of a business.



Minimum 2nd division in F.A / F.Sc. / I.Com or equivalent GCE, A Level with at least three subjects, with an average of C grade, from HEC recognized university / college.

Why this


Graduates of the BBA (Hons) program tend to work their way up in organizations, joining at junior management/management trainee positions. A degree in business can be applied to any industry and can be used to help you start your own business. Many of our students also choose to carry on completing a MBA. You may wish to specialize with a MBA program in your chosen area of interest.